Delicate Organza Gown

April 5, 2017


It has taken me far too long to post the photos of this gorgeous dream of a gown.

When Sarah and I first sat down to start sketches for her custom bridal gown, we both had a very different look in mind. But such is the design process! We needed something that would both capture Sarah’s elegant personal style, and work well for their woodland wedding. I am beyond pleased with how it turned out!







The skirt petals are silk organza, with layers of tulle underneath to give them movement.







I appliqued delicate Alençon lace to the silk taffeta corset bodice and shoulder straps.





Silk taffeta covered buttons and grosgrain ribbon added the final touches to Sarah’s dress.






The skirt of this dress is one of my favorites- so flirty, romantic, and elegant! It truly reflected the bride’s personality, which is how I know our design was successful.






Photo credits to Nickel Images 

Back in the studio!

September 20, 2016

Happy September, everybody!


It’s a new chapter for us. Jed and I just moved to sunny Yakima where he will be attending medical school. We love it here for many reasons, but one of the big reasons for me is that I finally am going to be able to breathe some life into Cassandra Couture.


There is going to be much prettiness to come, and some big plans for the future. But in the mean time, here’s a snapshot of a current dress project to whet your appetites.



Hand embroidered details


I hope you all are enjoying the nip in the air, and the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!



Hello, World!

August 8, 2015

Greetings, lovelies!


It seems fitting that the first post on my fresh new blog on my fresh new website be about my own wedding.






On June 27th 2015, my beloved and I got married! This was the most challenging project I have ever encountered. Not on a technical level- but as a designer, I know every variable and option. It was so hard to narrow down what I wanted!


annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1138 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1149 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-191 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-178 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-618




Of course, it did help when I decided on a costume change for the reception! My husband and I had been taking ballroom dance, so I needed something I could dance in.





annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-933 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1120 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-895 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-891 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-886 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-745


My gorgeous sister Rachel was my Maid of Honor, I couldn’t resist making her a fabulous gown!


annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-241 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-703 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1119 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-362 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-701 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-243 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1122


And, I had a little too much fun making my sister Rebecca Jane’s dress as well!





annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1150 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1148 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-1154 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-253

annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-51 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-142 annie_wright_school_wedding_christa_taylor-227


Warm regards,



Photo Credits:

Christa Taylor Photography 

Jessica Juergens Photography