Every gown’s story is as different as the bride it adorns. Some have a very clear picture of what they want, while for others it’s a more visceral thing; the cling of Charmeuse or the billows of organza and tulle. The process begins with a casual consultation that is always complimentary. Usually over coffee in Seattle, we meet up and discuss what your ideas are, and sketch a few suggestions. At that point we are able to come a little closer to a budget, and at that point we decide together if we want to proceed.

The next step is typically a fabric shopping trip in Seattle, searching through bolts of imported laces and silks to find the perfect combination! We also take some measurements and set the dates for the rest of the fittings. Most Cassandra Couture gowns require between three and six fittings to ensure that the fit is perfect and that the design is what the client has in mind. The fittings can take place local to the client, as we have multiple studio space locations.

At the first fitting we try on the simple muslin pattern mockup to be sure that when we cut out your gown in the real stuff, it will fit like a glove.

We schedule the last fitting usually no more than a week before the event that it is to be worn at, to ensure that the fit is perfect.

Cassandra Couture gowns require at least four months to put together, sometimes longer depending upon availability.

We are always so excited to dream with you! Every client brings fresh ideas and inspiration, we consider it a great privilege to play such an integral part of your wedding day!